About Cervesa del Montseny

The brewing company of the Montseny was born with the desire to provide a craft beer of the highest quality: our beers are handcrafted.

We are a microbrewery with a productive capacity of 3.000 litres in each development. Through the system of English traditional elaboration (with maceration by the method of simple infusion), the production process is virtually manual. Because of these unique features of elaboration, handcrafted beers are produced.

In the brewing of the Montseny we bottle craft beers and unpasteurised. We can say that they are living beers that evolve over time. The alcoholic fermentation is a traditional way to food processing to lengthen their preservation allows us to not add any artificial preservative to the beer.

Our microbrewery specialises in beers of the family of the Ales or high fermentation, unlike the majority of the national productions, which are of the family of the Lager or bottom-fermented. It is recommended to drink our beers, if well fresh, less cold than the Lager.

We invite you to taste our beers Blat, Malta, Negra, Lupulus, EcoLupulus, Hivernale, Malta Cuvée, IPA, Castanya and Mala Vida as well as the different specialities that we want to offer you over the years.

Award for the best beer company of the year 2016

Barcelona Beer Challenge

Award for the best beer company of the year 2016.

Barcelona Beer Challenge